" Fast, Friendly, Flexible and Affordable "

    ECW and Associates is a printer repair and printer sales firm based in Herndon,
    VA.  serving the DC, MD and VA area, with sales nation wide. We are dedicated
    to providing quality IT service, repair and sales for all of your home and business
    printer needs.

    ECW and Associates offers:
    · Printer maintenance and repairs, upgrades, hardware and software support
    · Equipment cleaning
    · Equipment disposal
    · Equipment relocation
    . Equipment sales
    · Inventory management
    · Project staffing
    · Manual and document finder
    . Part finder
    . 24x7  sales, service and technical support
    . Refurbished equipment finder - and more
    . Project management
    . Property management

    Does the appearance of your PC's, terminals, monitors, telephones and keyboards
    on display to your customers reflect the image of your company that you would
    like projected to others?
    ECW and Associates cleans personal computers, printers, telephones and other
    electronic equipment thereby greatly enhancing the life span and reliability of that
    We also offer Cost-effective, quality Depot repair mail in service.

    Regular equipment cleaning will reduce the likelihood of illness spread amongst
    your staff due to cross contamination of shared equipment.

    Let the experts at ECW and Associates maintain the reliability and cleanliness of
    your equipment, and save you and your company time and money!
    All work can be done on site, or ship it to us for service.

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