DeskJet 920C
LaserJet 4050
PhotoSmart 7960
PhotoSmart 7960
DeskJet 832C
PhotoSmart 7760
OfficeJet G55
DeskJet 855C
DeskJet 970 CXI
With Duplex
DeskJet 952C
DeskJet 722C
All In One PSC 1210
LaserJet 1010
DeskJet 1120C
OfficeJet D145
DeskJet 940C
All In OnePSC 1210
LaserJet 1100
1040 Fax
DeskJet 6122
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All In OneC4180
PhotoSmart 1215
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DeskJet 1000C
                      Go Green and Save $$$$$

Our recycled printers are cleaned , tested and hermetically wrapped  before shipping!
We also recycle our packing materials. Sold with a  (30DG)  30 Day Guarantee after date of delivery Unless
otherwise stated.  All printers are sold with Power Cable only. All printers are sold and shipped without Ink
or Toner. We will ship to U.S.A Lower 48 states only . No Local Pick-up unless otherwise stated. A Tracking
number will be provided. No Manufacturer Warranty. No APO/FPO Delivery , Transactions may be canceled
by the seller. All sales are final.
*ECWAA*  ECW and Associates  710131 Herndon VA 20171-0714  (703-861-8728 ).
PhotoSmart 1315
DeskJet 940C
DeskJet 940C
With Duplex
DeskJet 890C
DeskJet 712C
LaserJet 2550L
All In One PSC 1315XI
PhotoSmart C4385
DeskJet 722C
All In One PSC 1610XI
LaserJet 1200
DeskJet 720C
DeskJet 842C
OfficeJet D135
DeskJet 3845
InkJet 2300
LaserJet 4 PLUS